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NIOF organized International Workshop on Environment and Fisheries of the Red Sea "between The Reality and Expectation"

Under the auspices of Prof. Khaled Abd El-Ghaffar – Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Khaled Fahmy – Minister of Environment, General Ahmed Abd Allah – Governor of the Red Sea Governorate, and Prof. Gad El-Qady – President of NIOF, a workshop entitled "Environment and Fisheries of the Red Sea between The Reality and Expectation" was held today Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 till August 24th, 2007, at Hurghada Media Center. The main concern of the workshop is to discuss the obstacles that stand against the development of Red Sea environment and fisheries. The opening day of the workshop was attended by Prof. Gad Wl-Qady – President of NIOF, General Essam El-Laithy – representative of Red Sea Governorate, Prof. Gihan El-Sakka – representative of Ministry of Environment, Prof. Sherif Fattouh – head of the workshop, Prof. Mohamed Roshdy – Ain Shams University, and Prof. Birgitta Kong-Ries – Director of the German project on Biodiversity. In the framework of the workshop and under the DAAD in cooperation with Friedrich-Schiller University (Germany) and Sfax University (Tunisia), the First International Summer School on Biodiversity Informatics will be held during the period August 22-28, 2017.

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Protocol on cooperation between NIOF and Coralia Reef Company

On Wednesday, the 14th of June 2017, Prof. Gad El-Qady, President of NIOF, and Coralia Reef Egyptian Marine Environmental Company has signed protocol on cooperation for rehabilitation and aquaculture of coral reefs and Marine environment development. The event was attended by Prof.SherifFattouh, head of the technical office, andProf. Sahar Mehanna, the protocol coordinator and head of Fish Population Dynamics Laboratory, and Mrs. FatenSaad, General Manager of Scientific Relations Department.

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Job vacancy – President of NIOF position

The National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF) announced job vacancy for the president position with accordance with the provisions of the presidential decree no. 102 of the year 1989 and the Minister of Scientific Research decree no. 505 of the year 2014.

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Cooperation between NIOF and The National Company for Fish Resources and Aquaculture

In the framework of the cooperation between NIOF and the National Company for Fish Resources and Aquaculture, NIOF delegation headed by Prof. Gad El-Qady had visited Ghalyoun Pond project for Aquaculture at Kafr Al-Sheikh governorate. The research teamhad visited the project basins for fish and shrimp aquaculture, and observed the hatcheries and fish feed factory as well.

Prof.MoustafaAbd El-Wahab, the head of Aquaculture Division, stated that NIOF is willing to exchange experiences in the field of hatching some fish species especially Grey Mullet. In addition, Prof.Eman El-Wazzan initiated the idea of widening shellfish aquaculture throughout the mutual project and transfer the successful experience of shellfish aquaculture at NIOF Mediterranean Sea Branch. It is worth mentioning that the project will be inaugurated in the framework of the next 30 June celebration. 

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National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF)

NIOF is one of the eleven national research institutes affiliated to the Ministry of State for Scientific Research of Egypt and the most well-established and oldest one in the Middle East and the Arab region. It was established to be specialized in oceanography and fisheries scientific research whereas its policy is being implemented through research programs of all specializations of oceanography, fisheries and aquaculture.