Egyptian NationalOceanographic Data Center (ENODC)

An: Overview

The Egyptian National Oceanographic Data Center (ENODC) is a national facility for archiving and distributing environmental data concerning the coastal and marine areas particularly, in the Mediterranean and Red Seas. It is hosted by the National Institute for Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF), at its Mediterranean Branch in Qayet-Bey, Alexandria, Egypt. The ENODC is partof the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) network of data centers and has a strong relation with the international oceanographic data and information exchange system (IODE).              


The mission of the ENODC (http://www.nodc-egypt.org/en/) is to promote marine research through archiving, documentation and making coastal and marine data available to scientists and other users. It also aims to enhance oceanographic services for efficient management and sustainable development of coastal and marine resources through providing these data to resource managers, policy makers and other stakeholders.


The ENODC's staffworkscooperatively alongside with relevant data centers, marine researchers and other data providers inside and outside Egypt for collection, exchange and storage of oceanographic data and products from local and regional coastal and marine areas for current and future use.These data include biological, chemical, physical and geophysical measurements derived from in situ coastal observations, satellite remote sensing, monitoring instruments (tide guage, Argo-floats, etc) and other reliable data sources.


Oceanographic data and products are fundamental for the understanding of the processes that control our natural marine environment and conservation of coastal habitats, alleviation of risks of coastal and marine hazards notably harmful algal blooms, oil spills, coastal flooding and tsunamis.


ENODC data holdings, therefore, can contribute to protection, sustainable management and development of aquatic areas, coastal natural resources and communities both in the local (Egypt) and regional (SE Mediterranean and Red Seas) levels through provision of available oceanographic data and /or products to interested users and stockholders.


Web link to ENODC is: http://www.nodc-egypt.org/en/

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